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EZLoop VoIP Phone

The EZLoop LAN VoIP Phone is a full-featured
IP-based telephone set for the office via Ethernet base communication. Over the office LAN connection, the EZLoop LAN VoIP Phone provides IP-PBX solution such as station-to-station call, IP call and local PSTN/PBX extension call via PSTN Gateway. The traditional PBX functionality is provided with H.450 features together with Gatekeeper or IP/PBX Call Manager. Two 10/100BaseT embedded switch/hub RJ-45 ports allow connect to office LAN and PC on your table.

The EZLoop LAN VoIP Phone provides programmable keys and feature buttons, an internal high-quality speaker phone with microphone mute, HOLD function, FORWARD and TRANSFER feature buttons. The EZLoop LAN VoIP Phone also provides a dot matrix of two lines 24 characters LCD display each. The display provides features such as date and time, calling party name, calling party number, and digits dialed. An LED associated with each feature and line buttons provides feature and line status.

TELNET and LCD front panels provide local and remote configuration, Management and software download. By using this feature, ITSP/ISP provides centralized control, management and software upgraded remotely. Several examples are listed below: IP/Gatekeeper addressing setting, dial plan, voice coder, Gatekeeper and Peer to Peer mode selection, QoS and call progress tone setting.


SP/ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider)

Multi-nation enterprise communication

SOHO Telephony

IP-PBX with office telephony services

Phone to PC, Phone to Phone


Easy access to Internet phone call

Cost Saving - Telephone call from VPN or public Internet

Follows the existing telephone call dial plan

Easy interface to ADSL/Cable Modem or Leased line equipment

Built-In two 10/100BaseT Switch/Hub

Built-In analog line telephone function

Provided IP call or PSTN call selection

(Or) to be a Plain old Telephone set when external power is failure


Two10/100BaseT Ethernet port with Switch/Hub inside

One RJ-11 PSTN analog line interface

Input Voltage 9Vdc (External AC input, DC output adaptor)

Technical Features

Support ITU-T H.323 V2/V3/V4 protocol

Provide Peer-to-Peer Mode (Non Gatekeeper needed) selection

PPPoE, when PPPoE re-connect, LAN VoIP Phone will reboot,and on LCD will display related messages

2 x 24 dot matrix LCD display

Behind NAT router or IP sharing device

Speaker phone and Handset operation

Support two LAN phones behind the same NAT

Ring tone, Speaker and Handset volume adjustable

If the NAT supports multi public IP, the LAN phones thatbehind the NAT can be found by its IP address.

10 sets last number redial

Support both Fixed IP and DHCP

LCD Display: Time, Date, Caller ID, Call Duration

Support H.235 security function

12 Number Keypads: 0 to 9, # and *

Support Fast Start and H.245 Tunneling

4 LCD operation keys : OK, C, LEFT and RIGHT

Provide H.450 services (Hold, Transfer, Forward)

10 function keys for Memory dial or Multi-Line function

Up to ten E.164 phone number

8 one touch function keys : Speaker, Redial, Mute, Hold, Transfer,Call Forward, PSTN, Message

LED configuration password protection

5 LED display : PSTN, Message, Hold, Mute and Speaker

Automatically Gatekeeper Discovery

Enter IP phone and Gatekeeper IP address from Keypads

Configuration & Management

Configure Dial path selection

Alternate Gatekeeper selection

MS-NetMeeting v3.0 compatible

Support QOS by setting TOS (Type Of Service) parameters of VoIP packet

Support 802, 1P1Q, VLAN

Phone book via web interface can set 20 sets

Support DDNS server ( or

Audio Performance

G.711 A/u-Law, G.723.1, G.729A, G.729


G.168/G.165 compliant echo cancellation

Programmable Dynamic Jitter Buffer

Bad Frame Interpolation

Completed voice band signaling support

Dimension and Weight

6.5” (165mm) W x 1.14” (29mm) H x 5.47”

Provide both Inband and H.245 Outband DTMF generation/detection

Gain/Attenuation Settings

Provide Progress Tone: Dial tone, busy tone, call-holding tone and ring-back tone

PSTN port is working when power is failure

Management Features

TFTP/FTP download

LCD Front Panel


Environmental Features

Humidity: 10 to 95 %, Non-condensing

Operational Temperature : 0 to +50 ?C

Storage Temperature : -10 to +70 ?C

LED Indicator for system status

SPEAKER : Speaker Phone working status

MESSAGE : Message indication

LINK/ACT : 10/100BaseT status

HOLD : IP call put on hold indication

MUTE : IP call is in Mute status

PSTN : Selection between IP call and analog line call


Dimension: 215mm(W) x 71mm(H) x 198mm(D)

Weight (unit): 834 g

Application Diagram

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