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EZLoop USB VoIP Phone

The EZLoop USB VoIP Phone is a plug and play IP phone with a USB interface. With its streamline design, the USB VoIP Phone provides standard H.323/SIP Internet telephony protocols which can be supported by different software providers. The USB VoIP Phone is easy to operate and configure for Home and Office / SOHO users.

No drivers needed.


High Mobility

Provided real-time volume adjustable button

Phonebook for registering favorite numbers

History of Received calls, Called Numbers and Missed calls

Call Transfer and Redial options

Mechanical Specifications

Physical Connectors

One USB N-Male connector


USB A-type connector (6.56 ft/2 meters))

Standard Support

Conform to USB 12 Mbps Spec. Version 1.1
Conform to USB Audio Device Release 1.0

Dimensions and Weight

2” (W) x 1” (H) x 5” (L)
0.5 Lbs (1.11 Kg)

Operating Voltage

4V ~ 5.25V

Operating Temperature

41 ~ 104°F (5 ~ 40 _)

Operating Humidity

20% ~ 80% RH

Software Specifications

Codec Supported

g729, g723.1, g711u, g711a

Proxy Supported

SIP Proxy, Out Bound Proxy, Stun Server


RFC2833, Tone

System Specifications


Intel 486 DX 66 or above


32MB RAM, 10MB Hard Disk

Internet Service

Dial up, ISDN, Lease Line, xDSL, or LAN

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 98se/ME/2000XP

Application Diagram

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